Live From Sabaneta

It’s been a good week so far here in Sabaneta, Dominican Republic. We’ve led baseball clinics, told Bible stories, help w/ Bible studies, prayer walked, & encouraged Christians. We’ve been to Los Almacigos, Los Planes, Villa Polin, LaSabana, La Joya, & Las Espinas. God is still working here. The city continues to grow as well. Jose, Yoannia, & Isai are doing well. The work with Haitians is still the most fruitful. But Jose said our baseball clinics have been the best connections w/ Dominicans he has been able to make in a long time. Please continue to pray for this work. The province is less than 1% evangelical. The enemy still has a great hold on the people here. It has been good for us to teach this week the true story of Christmas: That Jesus was born to die for us.

Be in prayer for us tomorrow as we travel back to the U.S.

Feliz Navidad!!!



DR Bound

I’m sitting in the New Orleans airport waiting to board a plane to Miami then to the Dominican Republic. JBuzz & I are on another pilgrimage to take baseball players from MCC to the DR for a mission trip. We hope to form relationships & open doors to the Gospel through doing baseball clinics. We’ll be back in MS a week from today. Have a great week & keep us in your prayers.


In Memory of the Late Ralph Winter

Two nights ago, on Wednesday, May 20, 2009, Ralph D. Winter passed away at age 84 after a long bout with multiple myeloma. One could argue that no individual has had an impact on world missions in the past 40 years greater than Ralph Winter. I remember my former missions professor saying that for every ten ideas that Ralph Winter had, seven of them would be absolutely crazy and wouldn’t ever work—but three of them would be pure genius and would redefine how we think about and do missions! One of his greatest contributions was to rethink what we mean by “nations” by identifying and categorizing unrecognized “unreached people groups”—we take this for granted today, but he was the innovator who first came up with this idea and brought awareness that the missionary task was still so much greater than we ever anticipated!

My Favorite Quote from Ralph Winter: “No serious believer today dare overlook the fact that God has not asked us to reach every nation, every tribe and tongue without intending that it be done.  No generation has less excuse than ours if we do not do as He asks.”

5 Days in Sabaneta

drmap1All of the trips I’ve taken to the Dominican Republic so far have been 8 day trips. But this one was only 5. I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to have enough time to really be effective. However, I feel our trip was very effective and a success. No we didn’t see anyone pray a prayer of repentance this week, but the bulk of what we did was encouraging our partners in the DR.

The highlight of the week was Wednesday. We had planned on meeting with some of the new believers to lead a Bible study and encourage them, but the rains came and we were forced to spend the entire day at Jose and Yoannia’s home. It was a much needed day for them. We had a prayer meeting that lasted about an hour. Those present were Jose, Yoannia, Isai, Felicia, Miguel, Saidi, Jimmy, Philip, and myself. It was the first time Jose was honest with me about his lack of patience and discouragement that things weren’t progressing more rapidly. The rest of the trip we were able to intentionally remind Jose and Miguel of all the good things that had happened since Jose and Yoannia moved to Sabaneta in April of 2007.