While We Wait….

No news yet of a basketball hire. Spring football is full swing. So, just sit back, grab a glass of sweet tea and dream about the best catfish meal you’ve ever had with Tavin.


Sweet Tea Films & MSU Stuff

Some of you may have seen my 3Ss post from earlier this week (make sure you see that video to understand what’s going on inside the mind of Tavin). But if you didn’t, I want to introduce Tavin Dillard to you. I can’t get enough of him these days. Tavin Dillard is a trailer park resident who has been givin’ interviews from the trailer park since 2006, and I must say, it’s been quite a ride and continues to be. I plan on making a Tavin post weekly. From the viewpoint of the trailer park, we’ll learn about bacon, ham, catfish, snipe hunting, noodling, holidays, and many other issues that will educate us on all the happenings of trailer park life in the south. Here’s one to get us started called “Homecoming.”

Tonight MSU baseball (15-7) faces Alabama A&M. This weekend baseball has a series in Starkville versus Arkansas and MSU softball (18-12) faces Tennessee. 12th ranked Men’s Tennis (12-4) faces Florida in Gainsville while Women’s Tennis hosts Florida this weekend. Our top 25 Track & Field team hosts the Big 10/SEC challenge in Starkville, Friday. Golf gets the weekend off.

Lots of names are out there in the search for a new Men’s basketball coach. Here’s some that I’ve seen thrown around. Steve Prohm, Murray State Head Coach; Scott Drew, Baylor Head Coach; Kenny Payne, Assistant at Kentucky; Scott Sutton, Oral Roberts Head Coach; John Groce, Ohio Head Coach. Three of these names are still coaching in the NCAA tourney, so we may have to wait on hearing a name for a while.

Here’s a little interview with our AD Scott Striklin about Stans retiring and the search for a basketball coach.


Heavens to murgatroid! I really need to take a deep breath, listen to some good music, and laugh a little. Here’s a couple of videos to help you chill and grin.

My wife and I began dating October 20, 1994. We were engaged on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), 1997. And we got married March 7, 1998. I know this may be hard to believe. But during the entire time of our courting and engagement, we only watched 3 movies together. We actually enjoyed talking so much that movies were a distraction from one another back in those days. The 3 movies we saw were Stargate, The Saint, and Evita. The Saint is our movie. And the video below has scenes and the theme Love Song from The Saint by Graeme Revell.

Recently, I’ve been introduce to the Trailer Park world of Tavin Dillard. He’s a Christian and does a lot of stand up gigs in churches now, and I’m totally addicted to this man. I can’t get enough. Most of us probably have a Tavin in our town. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to start a weekly post based on Tavin Dillard. Here’s the first from Sweat Tea Films on a great topic…Unlocking the Whitetrash Mind.

Buseyism made for the hogs

This weeks Buseyism is dedicated to our foe, the Arky Razorbacks. Watch this classic scene on the David Letterman Show:

This Busey/Letterman interview reminds me of a song named “Charlie’s Shoes.”

I’d like to be in Charlie’s shoes That’s what I always said
‘Cause he had you and everything Tied with a golden thread.

Then Charlie left and went away And when I got the news
It wasn’t long till I was walking Around in Charlie’s shoes.

Now, I’m wearing out The shoes that Charlie wore
Walking back and forth Across the floor.

The troubles that drove him away I’ve got for company
These nights in Charlie’s shoes Are killing me.

The greener grass that turned my head So swiftly did turn brown
‘Cause every little dream I build She’s always tearing down.

I never knew that Charlie’s shoes Could have so many tacks
Of disappointing sorrows And I wish he had ’em back.
‘Cause I’m wearing out…

Nothing like a bulldog to wrestle down a wild hog!


Dr. Lou

Today, Dr. Lou jabs at Hank Williams Jr. and Dan Mullen to start. Then, covers an array of college football, the new iPhone 4S (w/ SEC school specific iPhones including the “Nutt Thumper” for TSUN) and other topics on Rick & Bubba: