US Get a Result in 1st two matches of WC

2 weeks ago, if someone predicted the US would have 4 points and have a good chance to advance from the group of death, many would’ve laughed at that prediction. But after getting 3 points vs Ghana and a point vs Portugal, most of us feel robbed because of how the Portugal match ended. The full 3 points were there for the taking. And a 30 second lapse in the US team led to the tie. As Americans we tend to overestimate ourselves. Spain and England are going home already. US dominated possession against the #4 team in the world. I’m proud. But…

Alright, I gotta vent all this crap outta my system, then I’ll be over it. Here’s my plethora of questions…
A series of seemingly innocent decisions, late in a draining game – but if the US is to seriously challenge and advance far into this World Cup, these things cannot happen.
This isn’t to say these players were awful, but as Cobi Jones pointed out last night, it’s not one blunder that leads to a goal, but a domino-effect.
1st question: : Why did Yedlin not take the ball into the corner in the first place? Then, why stop the ball from rolling out for a throw-in?
2nd question: why was Jurgen Klinsmann calling for his team to stay upfield on the Portugal throw, rather than get numbers back?
3rd ?: A minor issue, but why was Cameron heading the ball back into the middle of the field, rather than out for a throw-in?
4th ?: Unfairly (but we expect a higher standard from him) taking vast majority of blame, but why did Bradley get caught on the ball, rather than an early pass back or just blast it out?
5th ?: Why did Beckerman get caught flat-footed, rather than retreat at first sign of trouble? And why is Beasley the only player marking Cristiano Ronaldo?
6th ?: Why’s Omar in midfield rather than between Besler and Cameron? Why don’t Johnson, Cameron & Howard notice Varela at the back post?
7th ?: Could Howard have made a better attempt to stop the shot? (Raised only because of his relatively poor performance in the first half.)
And ironically I just realized, that if we screw up Thursday, indirectly Ghana could eliminate us again…I’m done w/ it now. We’re gonna go through, but I had to vent the what ifs.
That’s all. Now it’s outta my system. Bring on Germany!

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