We Are Going to Brazil!!!

After a great run this year, USA continues to climb in the rankings. Why is this important? It’s important for seeding in the World Cup next summer. Right now, USA would be a 2 seed. It would be amazing to somehow gain a 1 seed. Here’s the latest FIFA World Rankings and a few of my thoughts:

1 – Spain (your possession style is over)

2 – Argentina (my favorite for the World Cup)

3 – Germany (my #1 vote)

4 – Italy (much improved from years past; they’re actually scoring goals & fun to watch)

5 – Columbia (too high for them)

6 – Belgium (well deserved)

7 – Uruguay (a little too high)

8 – Brazil (has to make them angry to be behind 3 other South American countries)

9 – Netherlands (meh)

10 – Croatia (scary team)

11 – Portugal (it’s gonna take more than Ronaldo to get me excited about this team)

12 – Greece (Pistachios for everyone)

13 – USA (needs to finish strong even though we’ve already qualified)

14 – Switzerland (really?)

15 – Russia (always a tough opponent)

16 – Chile (Who are these South American teams beating?)

17 – England (Always prepared to disappoint)

18 – Bosnia-Herzegovina (good team)

19 – Ivory Coast (Finally, an African team)

20 – Ecuador (what is this? A South American poll)

21 – Mexico (still too high; they’re in shambles)

22 – Sweden (they have Ibrahimovic)

23 – Denmark (boring 1-0 wins)

24 – Ghana (lumbering into the top 25)

25 – France (Oh, how the strong have fallen!)


Other thoughts:

-No Asians in the top 25

-South Americans with a strong showing

-Germany is changing the way soccer is played. They showed the world how to beat the Spanish style of play.

-Are things shaping up due to some traditional powers being weak, for Messi to lead Argentina to greatness?

-USA have lots still to prove and Klinsmann is the man to do it.


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