Fun at the Ft. Worth Cats game

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Back in the Groove

A nice sunset on the Mississippi River in Natchez

The Davis Family is getting back into a routine, and that’s a good thing. We had a great time on vacation the last 2 weeks. We visited Natchez, Houston, TX & Ft. Worth, TX. Even though the kids don’t start school till a week from today, we’re treating this week like a school week: waking up early & following a school week routine.

“Lord God, You are God; Your words are true, and You have promised this grace to Your servant.” 2 Samuel 7:28

Maroon State of Mind

I’m still on vacation w/ family, but wated to make you guys aware of something. Imabulldog & I have decided to do a blog together called “Maroon State of Mind.” this site will continue to be something I use for ministry, family & soccer thoughts. But all things maroon will be on the new site. Hers the link:
Maroon State of Mind

Busy Summer

Image tweeted by Scott Stricklin of a rendition of a future view of DWS from the North End Zone after the expansion is complete. Ground breaking for the project is planned for this Fall and set to be complete by the game opener of the 2014 season versus USM.

Sorry, there’s not been much on the blog. Between VBS, Family time, and Youth Camp we’ve not been in a routine. Not much going on right now that’s news worth talking about anyway. Biggest news is probably the fact that we’re getting new turf for Scott Field. First time in 40 years the grass and sprinkler system has been changed. Also, apparently the field hasn’t been centered with the stadium for years and this needed to be done before construction on the expansion begins. Here’s a recent photo of what the field is looking like:

New Turf & Sprinklers for Scott Field

Here’s what the new brick columns & iron gating will look like around the field. Don’t worry, we’re getting new hedges to replace to old ones too.