Olympic Failure

Brek Shea disappointed after U-23 squad is eliminated from Olympics

I’m still disturbed that the US U-23 team did not qualify for the 2012 Olympics. But I can now assess what went wrong. We have the talent, but were just out hustled against Canada and El Salvador. There were glimpses of effort, but at this level you must attack and defend with everything you have for a full 90 minutes. When you have time, here’s an article that any US Soccer fan should read…Klinsmann Knows the American Problems, and Patience is Needed to Break the Chain. Here’s some thoughts from Jimmy Conrad and Claudio Reyna:

I think all soccer fans in our country would reaffirm the words of Jurgen Klinsmann when being questioned about this U-23 squad: “I want results. I want to taste victory. I want to see the best of what American soccer has to offer put its best feet forward and succeed. I want to win.”


While We Wait….

No news yet of a basketball hire. Spring football is full swing. So, just sit back, grab a glass of sweet tea and dream about the best catfish meal you’ve ever had with Tavin.


Lots of things going on now with spring in the air. But before I address athletics, let’s take a moment to pray for students on MSU & Jackson State’s campuses. Saturday night a 21 year old male student was shot and killed in Evans Hall at MSU. And a 19 year old student at Jackson State was shot and killed in front of an apartment complex in Jackson. God pour out your love and grace on the students of these campuses as they deal with these tragedies.

Baseball, softball, golf, tennis, and track are in full force. But what I want to talk a little about is Spring football, which started this weekend. There’s lots of questions to be answered this spring. Here’s some that I have: 1) Can our coaches adjust the play calling to Tyler Russell’s throwing ability? 2) Can the OL stay healthy? 3) Who will be the main RB? [We can expect to see LaDarius Perkins, Nick Griffin, Josh Robinson, & Derrick Milton all at RB.] 4) Are our WRs ready to step for a throw first QB? 5) Who will replace Fletcher Cox & Charles Mitchell on defense?

Here’s a link to the Spring Football Roster. Below are some interviews that have been done w/ players so far.

Tyler has a laugh w/ the media after they ask a question about getting back in the cold tank. Jonathan Banks talks after practice about working hard. Freshman WR, Joe Morrow from Ocean Springs talks about learning the offense. LaDarius Perkins talks about RBs sharing the load. Nick Griffin talks about running over Coach Mullen:

Sweet Tea Films & MSU Stuff

Some of you may have seen my 3Ss post from earlier this week (make sure you see that video to understand what’s going on inside the mind of Tavin). But if you didn’t, I want to introduce Tavin Dillard to you. I can’t get enough of him these days. Tavin Dillard is a trailer park resident who has been givin’ interviews from the trailer park since 2006, and I must say, it’s been quite a ride and continues to be. I plan on making a Tavin post weekly. From the viewpoint of the trailer park, we’ll learn about bacon, ham, catfish, snipe hunting, noodling, holidays, and many other issues that will educate us on all the happenings of trailer park life in the south. Here’s one to get us started called “Homecoming.”

Tonight MSU baseball (15-7) faces Alabama A&M. This weekend baseball has a series in Starkville versus Arkansas and MSU softball (18-12) faces Tennessee. 12th ranked Men’s Tennis (12-4) faces Florida in Gainsville while Women’s Tennis hosts Florida this weekend. Our top 25 Track & Field team hosts the Big 10/SEC challenge in Starkville, Friday. Golf gets the weekend off.

Lots of names are out there in the search for a new Men’s basketball coach. Here’s some that I’ve seen thrown around. Steve Prohm, Murray State Head Coach; Scott Drew, Baylor Head Coach; Kenny Payne, Assistant at Kentucky; Scott Sutton, Oral Roberts Head Coach; John Groce, Ohio Head Coach. Three of these names are still coaching in the NCAA tourney, so we may have to wait on hearing a name for a while.

Here’s a little interview with our AD Scott Striklin about Stans retiring and the search for a basketball coach.

Maroon Memories

Here’s a look back at a great basketball moment in MSU basketball history. One of my all time favorite players is Cameron “Smoke” Burns. In 1991 Richard Williams was the SEC Coach of the Year and the team made the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1963. The team’s record was 20-9 (13-5 SEC), but as a 5 seed lost in the first round of NCAA tourney to 12 seed Eastern Michigan, 76-56.


Heavens to murgatroid! I really need to take a deep breath, listen to some good music, and laugh a little. Here’s a couple of videos to help you chill and grin.

My wife and I began dating October 20, 1994. We were engaged on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), 1997. And we got married March 7, 1998. I know this may be hard to believe. But during the entire time of our courting and engagement, we only watched 3 movies together. We actually enjoyed talking so much that movies were a distraction from one another back in those days. The 3 movies we saw were Stargate, The Saint, and Evita. The Saint is our movie. And the video below has scenes and the theme Love Song from The Saint by Graeme Revell.

Recently, I’ve been introduce to the Trailer Park world of Tavin Dillard. He’s a Christian and does a lot of stand up gigs in churches now, and I’m totally addicted to this man. I can’t get enough. Most of us probably have a Tavin in our town. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to start a weekly post based on Tavin Dillard. Here’s the first from Sweat Tea Films on a great topic…Unlocking the Whitetrash Mind.

MLS, Baseball, & NIT

Major League Soccer kicked off it’s season this weekend. I’ve never been so excited about or seen so much excitement about pro soccer in the USA. My son and I are currently watching the Philadelphia Union play at the Portland Timbers and the atmosphere is incredible. It honestly feels like I’m watching a European soccer match on ESPN2 right now. Soccer has come a long way in our country. Portland has some really cool traditions. Their fans sing the National Anthem before every game and it’s planned and incredible. Also, when the Timbers score a goal, they have a mascot who is a lumberjack that saws off a piece of a massive log. That piece of wood then has the date and goal scorers name burnt on it, then it’s shellacked and given to the player who scored after the game. Here’s a couple of Timber videos so you can see what I’m talking about. The first is them singing the National Anthem.

This one is the fans reacting to a goal scored.

Timber Joey cuts that wood.

MSU’s baseball team has managed to keep winning in spite of some unfortunate injuries. The real tests will begin this weekend as we face LSU in Baton Rouge.

The basketball team has stumbled into the NIT. Most aren’t asking how we’ll do. Instead, we’re wondering if Stans will be the coach next year or not.