Zebras, FTs, Sid, & Bad Coaching

MSU’s men’s basketball team missed a huge opportunity in Dallas facing a Baylor Bear team that is not that good IMO. Baylor’s a soft team & should lose against most physical teams. But MSU didn’t take advantage of it’s physical advantage. The refs in a way didn’t allow it to be physical. We were called for breathing on them, While they got away w/ a ton of fouls. If MSU makes a few key free throws the game would’ve been an easy win. Renardo Sidney didn’t deserve 3 of the 5 fouls that we’re called on him, but the technical foul was uncalled for & gave them the lead late in the game. Last but not least, Baylor ran a zone defense the entire game & Stansbury not once made an adjustment to their zone the entire game. Unfortunately, that’s typical Stans. I’m still not sure Stan’s can get us to the sweet 16, & hopefully it win’t come down to his coaching.

With all that said, we deserve our current ranking & I think we will get better. Another learning experience for the guys. Hopefully they do learn something from it. The game was over hyped & neither team looked impressive. Got to learn how to beat the refs & the opponent.

See y’all in Nashville mañana.


It’s OK to say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!! God bless you! “Today a Savior was born for you who is Christ the Lord.”

So thankful to my church family for working so hard this week to have a successful Christmas event at our church. We attempted to recreate the City of Bethlehem the night Jesus was born some 2,000 years ago. And I think we did a great job and had a lot of people in the community come through to experience our “One Starry Night.”

Our Live Nativity at the last stop in Bethlehem


Stoogedog as our Innkeeper


JBuzz as our Census Taker under neath the 2,000 year old MState pop up tent

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I’m not the biggest movie fan. But I do get into some blockbusters: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. For me, there’s nothing better than a story of Good vs. Evil w/ Good winning in the end. The Hobbit is currently being filmed in New Zealand and will open in December 2012. It is the story of how Bilbo Baggins acquired the Ring of Power that we’ve already seen Frodo Baggins destroy in the Lord of the Rings. I first read The Hobbit when I was 14 years old. I read it in 2 1/2 days. I couldn’t put it down. It was the first real book I read from cover to cover. Here’s some of the beautiful poetic stanzas found in the book that they brilliantly have included in the trailer:

“Far over the Misty Mountains cold, 
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
The pines were roaring on the heights,
The winds were moaning in the night,
The fire was red, it flaming spread.
The trees like torches blazed with light.”

I’ll probably be one of those nuts lined up opening night to see it. So here’s the trailer for The Hobbit:

Live From Sabaneta

It’s been a good week so far here in Sabaneta, Dominican Republic. We’ve led baseball clinics, told Bible stories, help w/ Bible studies, prayer walked, & encouraged Christians. We’ve been to Los Almacigos, Los Planes, Villa Polin, LaSabana, La Joya, & Las Espinas. God is still working here. The city continues to grow as well. Jose, Yoannia, & Isai are doing well. The work with Haitians is still the most fruitful. But Jose said our baseball clinics have been the best connections w/ Dominicans he has been able to make in a long time. Please continue to pray for this work. The province is less than 1% evangelical. The enemy still has a great hold on the people here. It has been good for us to teach this week the true story of Christmas: That Jesus was born to die for us.

Be in prayer for us tomorrow as we travel back to the U.S.

Feliz Navidad!!!


DR Bound

I’m sitting in the New Orleans airport waiting to board a plane to Miami then to the Dominican Republic. JBuzz & I are on another pilgrimage to take baseball players from MCC to the DR for a mission trip. We hope to form relationships & open doors to the Gospel through doing baseball clinics. We’ll be back in MS a week from today. Have a great week & keep us in your prayers.


Big Basketball W and Look Out Nashville

Arnett Moultrie has another double/double vs. West Virginia

The MSU basketball team took care of business against a Big East opponent in a game we were supposed to win. Great game by Moultrie again. But the player of the game for me, even though it doesn’t show in stats, was Wendell Lewis. He did a fantastic job defending their big mongrel in the 2nd half and wore them down inside. Now 8-1, the bulldogs get some rest before playing Troy Saturday. Stans has really got the team rolling now. He seems to have acquired a new fresh excitement for coaching basketball that we’ve not seen in about 5 years. Hope Stans and the team keeps up the great work their doing on the court.

I am very pleased with going to the Music City Bowl: It’s a bowl we’ve never played in against an opponent we’ve never faced in football. Nashville is very easy for our fans to get to. We’re avoiding the 2 worst bowl venues in college football (Liberty Bowl & Compass Birmingham Bowl). Nashville is a great city. There’s lots to do and it’s safe. I know that Wake Forest had quite a slide, losing 4 of their last 5 games, so we just need to whip them. It will be like a home game for MSU. Our allotment of tickets are already sold out. This is a hot ticket. Good luck finding one. If you didn’t pre-order a ticket through the Bulldog Club you’ll have to order directly from the Music City Bowl or know someone in Bulldog Club with extra tickets. It’s a win-win situation for MSU and Nashville. I’ve already got my tickets, place to stay, and my cowbell ready. 4  weeks ago we’re wondering if we could even get bowl eligible. Now we’re in a really good bowl game. Lookout Nashville, the Dawgs are coming to town to paint it Maroon and White.

“This is a great accomplishment for our players and coaches who worked hard all season long,” head coach Dan Mullen said. “We’re excited to make the trip to Nashville and play in a great bowl game. This game is a reward for our players and fans and – as we’ve said all season – the practices and preparation will be important for the development of the future of our program.”

We’re in a good bowl that’s very close for our fans to travel. But the Golden Buzzards aren’t so fortunate. That’s the price of losing to UAB. USM should be playing Vandy in the Liberty Bowl, but instead they’re in the Hawaii Bowl. At least they can’t complain about playing in the New Orleans Bowl again. And if they had sold their allotment of tickets to the New Orleans Bowl the past few years, the Liberty Bowl would’ve wanted them. The only game USM has ever been able to sell out their share is a match up with MSU or TSUN. Now they can’t even afford to take cheerleaders or the band to their bowl game. I’m sure USM will lose money on the Hawaii Bowl. But I guess it’ll be a nice vacation for Fedora before he splits for a better paying job.