Senior, Wade Bonner Celebrates a 3rd straight Egg Bowl Victory!

For the 1st time since 1942, MSU has won 3 straight Egg Bowls. Story of the game and this rivalry the past 3 years: Chris Relf can’t get a first down vs. UAB, but he sure can put it to Ole Miss. And that’s ok with me. Mullen again proves loyalty to his seniors. And it pays off in the Egg Bowl. Not that Russell or Favre couldn’t have moved the ball on the worst Ole Miss team I’ve ever seen in my life time, but Mullen game planned well for this one. It’s obvious Mullen game planned for the Egg Bowl the last 2 weeks. Not playing Relf at all vs. Arky and having no plan to beat Arky means all his efforts were to beat TSUN the past 2 weeks. I’ll take it. Go Dawgs!!!


Game Week 12: MSU vs. TSUN

vs. Game Notes

Can Houston Nutt rally the 30 plus true and redshirt freshmen for a competitive contest? That really seems to be the question. Other questions I’ve thought of are: Will MSU play conservative and hope Ole Miss wears down or quits as they have for most of the season? I hope not. Which MSU QB will get the most snaps? Will Barry Brunetti get most of the snaps for TSUN? If MSU has a commanding lead late in the game, will Dan Mullen take a knee? How many MSU turnovers will it take for TSUN to have a chance to win this game? Will #HailState trend on Twitter during the game? This game is really about the coaches to me. If we lose, I think we put all the blame on Mullen. If we win, Mullen is still moving the program in the right direction. And for Nutt, it’s his last chance to make some noise as an SEC coach.

Mullen vs. Nutt III

Also, here’s some great video caught by ESPN last week of Ole Miss DT Terrence Brown who weighs 377 lbs. breaking a chair:

Give Thanks!


The tradition introduced by European Americans of Thanksgiving as a time to focus on God and His blessings dates back well over four centuries in America. For example, such thanksgivings occurred in 1541 at Palo Duro Canyon, Texas with Coronado and 1,500 of his men; in 1564 at St. Augustine, Florida with French Huguenot (Protestant) colonists; in 1598 at El Paso, Texas with Juan de Oñate and his expedition; in 1607 at Cape Henry, Virginia with the landing of the Jamestown settlers; in 1619 at Berkeley Plantation, Virginia; (and many other such celebrations). But it is primarily from the Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving celebration of 1621 that we derive the current tradition of Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Egg Bowl Week

Check out what’s going nuts on Twitter today. Painting #HailState in the north endzone & revealing the uniforms for Saturdays game.

Whether you like it or not, there’s one thing for sure: TSUN & it’s supporters can’t stand it. And it has creating more hype on a non game than anything we’ve done all year.

3 S’s: Simmer, Sooth, and Serenity

Igor plays a Bob Marley song, “No Woman, No Cry”:

This became Marley’s first hit when it was released as a single from his album, Live!, which was recorded at the Lyceum in London in 1975. It was a hot July night, and they gave a rousing performance. This tour was a breakthrough for Marley and The Wailers. Their previous tour went horribly, as audiences outside of Jamaica did not appreciate his pure Reggae. He polished and tightened his sound for this tour in order to compete with the slick arena acts that were popular at the time, and got a great response. Glowing reviews led to sold out shows in the US, and by the time the tour hit London, they were a huge success. Marley developed a powerful stage presence on this tour, and added musicians like Family Man Barrett and Al Anderson to sweeten the sound. The audiences on the tour where the live version was recorded were evenly mixed between black and white people. Marley was one of the few artists to have mass appeal that transcended race. The song became a highlight of Marley’s concerts as the crowd always joined in. It is very easy to sing along to. The original line of the song is “No, Woman, Nuh cry.” Nuh is Jamacian for “don’t,” so what is meant by the lyric is No, Woman, Don’t cry… He’s leaving and reassuring her that the slum they live in won’t get her down, that everything will be alright and “don’t shed no tear.”

Worse day for Mississippi College Football in a while

Only 2 positives I can think of after getting whipped by Arky: 1) Arky is the only team to absolutely route us this year. 2) TSUN looked even worse than us, so maybe they can play worse than us next week.

That’s all I got. Hope the coaches were prepping for the Egg Bowl, cause they sure didn’t have our players ready for Arky. Not gonna waste my time analyzing the dozens of things we should have done differently to have a chance cause we talked about it all week, but the coaches obviously didn’t read our comments. Still can’t believe Arky didn’t allow Bully on the field. That was the first of many bad things for the day…worse than banning the cowbell.

Big upsets this past week:
UAB over USM
Iowa St. over Oklahoma St.
Baylor over Oklahoma
USC over Oregon

Many are predicting tonight’s BCS standings to look like this: 1) LSU 2) Bama 3) Arky. Amazing to have all 3 from the same division in the same conference.