Game Week 5: MSU @ UGA

MSU Game Notes      UGA Game Notes

Well here we are once again with a 2-2 record. We’re not really sure how good our team will be. We face a Georgia team that needs a conference win as bad as we do. Difference is, we’re in Athens, Georgia and not DWS. The task is much bigger a test than last season. We’re not sneaking up on anyone in the SEC anymore. We’re underdogs for only the 2nd time this season (which we’re more accustomed to). Many, including a lot of our fan base, don’t give us much of a chance. Our backs are up against a wall. Now is the time. Go win the Dawg fight boys in maroon. Make us proud. Leave it all on the field. Fight for Mississippi State and give us a reason to YELL! Nothing more to analyze. It’s just time for our Dawgs to execute on the field.


Key to Bulldog Success…CONFIDENCE!

Our team has proven to be too tentative and cautious up to this point in the season. There is a lack of confidence from our coaches and players. We as fans have lost confidence in our team too. Do you believe we can win and make big plays? I do! Maybe this verse needs to be the theme for our team: “And we have confidence in the Lord about you, that you are doing and will do the things that we command.” 2 Thessalonians 3:4 ESV

The defensive coaches need to have confidence in the strength of our defense: the secondary. They need to let our DBs work in more one on one situations and not give so much cushion. We’re too afraid of being beat over the top with the most experienced group of DBs we’ve had in years. Blitz the LBs to put pressure on the QB and let the DBs do what they do. Put them on the line of scrimmage in tight coverage, blitz, and force QBs to make perfect quick decisions. We should force the offense to adjust to us, not the other way around. The offensive coaches need to trust Chris Relf, the WRs, and Vick Ballard. We’ve got to open up the offense. Right now it’s too predictable and not a vertical threat down field. The players must believe in themselves to make plays. Quit worrying about making a mistake and just go win the game. That’s what they did in overtime vs. La Tech. They need to do it for an entire game.

I think most of us would see 8 wins this year as a huge success. It still can happen. We’re at the same place we were this time last season. We could all live with 6 or 7 wins. But a losing season would be a huge disappointment. We have to believe. The coaches have to believe. And most importantly, the players have to believe. Here’s Coach Koening and Coach Wilson talking yesterday after practice about getting that confidence:


Cliche…and Buseyisms

After a little more than a day to think about the La Tech game, my response is the cliche: “A Win is a Win!” There was nothing pretty about MSU’s performance Saturday night. But, the positive thing to take away is, in the past we would have lost that game. After a heartbreaker at Auburn and a bruising loss to LSU our team never gave up and still found a way to win. There’s definitely a lot of issues that the team has to deal with, but maybe an overtime win can give our team the motivation to get up for UGA. Here’s the main issues I’ve identified: 1) Game Planning; I think our coaches are thinking too hard on both sides of the ball. The offense is struggling and the defense seems out of position a lot. 2) Clock management 3) QB play; Relf is making bad decisions in the running and passing game. He’s got to do better. And if he can’t, it’s the coaches fault for not playing someone else.

This week’s Buseyism needs to be seen by our TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More):

3 S’s with Igor

Igor does all different styles of music. Last time we listened to something on the light pop side; an arrangement of R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion.” Let’s listen to something a little heavier tonight. How about some Metallica since they’re playing live right now in Brazil at the Rock in Rio Festival? Here’s his version of “Enter Sandman” like you’ve never seen or heard it played before:

Basketball Billboards

Don’t know if you’ve noticed any yet, but MSU has begun a huge marketing campaign for basketball season. My wife first alerted me of the billboard on I-59/20 in Meridian of Rodney Hood in front of Sara Lee. They look really good. Our basketball team has all talent in the world and high expectations going into this season. They had a great tour of Europe before school began going 5-0 against pro European competition in Holland, Belgium, and France. I don’t know exactly how many billboards there are or where they’re located, other than the one in Meridian. Here’s the four I’ve been able to find online:

Rodney Hood, Freshman Guard/Forward from Meridian


Dee Bost, Senior Guard from Concord, North Carolina


Arnett Moultrie, Junior Forward transfer UTEP from Memphis


Coach Rick Stansbury entering his 15th year as MSUs coach

Black Uniforms to be Worn vs. La Tech

1st time MSU wore Black unis in 2009 vs. Bama

 Black kit vs. LSU in Death Valley last season

I’m a traditionalist, so the black uniforms don’t do a whole lot for me. But I’m ok w/ a uniform change once a year. It gets the players, students, and recruits excited. I’ve not bought a black shirt yet for Saturday night’s game and not sure that I will. Scott Strickin has asked the students to wear black and everyone else wear black or maroon. It doesn’t really matter to me as long as we win. If we lose it’ll be the black unis fault. Or if we don’t score 60 points it’ll be the black unis fault. Below is a poll and some other kits some are tampering with. What’s your thoughts on the black uniforms?

Here’s some other uniforms that some students in the graphic design department have come up with. If you click on these you’ll get a larger image to view. They also make great wallpapers for your computer. These are NOT official, just ideas some have come up with:

I like the old logo on the helmet, but we may not have the rights to use it anymore.

I really like the all silver. Reminds me of the silver pants we wore in the 80s.

This is my favorite of these 5 uniform kits.

All black including helmet looks good. Wish the the Logo on helmet was maroon though.

Only difference from previous is silver trim rather than maroon.

Game Week 4: La Tech @ MSU


La Tech Game Notes         MSU Game Notes

The season began with 3 sets of Tigers. Now we, the Bulldogs, have a couple of Bulldogs to deal with in La Tech and Georgia. This game is huge. We’re at the same point we were at last season; with a 1-2 record and 0-2 in the SEC. The next 6 games are very winnable in my opinion; La Tech, @UGA, @UAB, South Carolina, @Kentucky, & UT-Martin. But we must start this string of winnable games with a bang. We cannot take La Tech lightly. They’ve beaten us the last 2 times we played them. Most recently, we all remember losing in Ruston in the first game of Croom’s last season, 22-14. With Derek Pegues suspended and 5 turnovers, we looked horrible. Much has changed since then. And MSU opens up as 18 point favorites.

What we need to accomplish in this game vs. La Tech:
1. Get the OL to gel and get plenty of reps for the backups (overcoming the injuries on OL may be our biggest challenge).
2. Regain confidence at the QB position (Relf and whoever else plays; hopefully Russell & Favre)
3. Continue to play solid Defense and Special Teams (Huge improvement from the Auburn game to the LSU game in these 2 areas; DL needs lots of reps for the younger guys).
Here’s Mullen’s thought Pre La Tech:
Check the comments for some interviews w/ Chris Wilson & John Hevesy.
 Last but not least, this week’s Buseyism:
Also looks like the SEC has made an offer to Missouri to join the SEC. Here’s a link to a pretty good evaluation of this whole conference expansion thing by Mr. SEC.