Game Week 1: MSU @ Memphis


2011 MSU Football Game 1 Game Notes at Memphis (Click on this link. You might want to print it out or save it on your Smart Phone. It’ll make fantastic toilet bowl reading this week!)

With just 4 days left to the kickoff of the MSU football season, let’s take a look at our opponent, the Memphis Tigers. Make sure to click on the “2011 MSU Football Game 1 Game Notes” link above to get an in depth look from MSU’s website at this week’s matchup. In my opinion, Memphis has never been as bad as they are now in football. Ever since they dropped “State” off their name, they’ve pretty much been horrible. They’ve only won 3 games in the last 2 years; only had 1 winning season in the last 5 years; and last season they were last or close to last in their conference and nationally in almost every category except Net Punting. 2010 Memphis Football Ranking Let’s be honest…Memphis should not be a true test for MSU. But I do expect them to be improved from the last 2 seasons. And you hate to play a game like this on the road. Surely our fans will be in full force and we’ll take care of business early to make sure everything is clicking on all cylinders so we can rest the starters in the 2nd half and give some much needed experience to the young players before go to the plains of Auburn.

Scott Stricklin, Bob Tyler, Jackie Sherrill, & Rocky Felker at Fan Day


9 thoughts on “Game Week 1: MSU @ Memphis

  1. I hope so. We know what Russell can do against Memphis. Heck, after this game last season they even talked about Russell possibly being a Heisman candidate on ESPN. It would be neat to see Russell play the 3rd quarter and Favre the 4th. Honestly, after seeing all the players at Fan Day Saturday, I’m most interested in seeing Brandon Maye on the field. He is a beast.

  2. I agree. Brandon Maye could be the difference maker we need to solidify that defense. I watched him 2 years ago playing against FSU and he dominated the game. He took over and would not allow them to get outside, and hit eveyone with different jersey on. I also wouldnt be surprised to see Bump or Rico play alittle wildcat!!!

  3. Don’t expect to see Ricco Sanders this week. He’s the only player I know of that has an injury. The word is that Jonathan Banks has taken some snaps in the Rabid Dawg formation.

  4. That could be very interesting with Banks, considering that he was a successfull high school QB. Would open the field even more for the run game. I hope Ricco isnt to bad.

  5. I don’t think Ricco’s injury is major. I believe it’s something to do with his leg. At yesterday’s press conference, Mullen stated that defensive backs Taveze Calhoun and Ivan Muniz along with wide receiver Ricco Sanders were all doubtful for Thursday’s opener while linebacker Chris Hughes was considered questionable.

  6. As long as its not to serious, we may need his speed during conference play. I bet Chris Hughes plays!! If the coaches let him that is. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

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