Encouraging Tweets

I follow quite a few ministers on Twitter. And over the past few months it’s been a huge encouragement & I’ve gained much wisdom from others. I need encouragement from other ministers to keep me accountable and keep my focus on Christ daily. Here’s some of my favorites:

There are NO insignificant churches. Even the smallest is making an ETERNAL impact that no business or govt will ever make!

“God will NOT forget your hard work & the love you’ve shown him as you’ve helped his people & continue to do so!” Heb.6:10

You may feel that no one knows or cares how you’re serving the Lord by serving others. GOD DOES! That’s all that matters.

Never confuse prominence with significance. You heart matters more than your nose. Unseen doesn’t equal unimportant.

The big error young leaders make is thinking leadership is about the leader. It’s NOT about you! It’s about those u serve.

If you think you’re too big for a small task, you’re too small for a big one. See Luke 16:10

LEADERS obey Heb10:24 “Think of ways to CHALLENGE one another toward love & good deeds” Some may mock u but many will grow.

VISION CAUSES DIVISION since we all hold conflicting values. You’ll never get 100% support but u don’t need 100% to succeed.

Doers need to think more. Thinkers need to do more.

You CANT follow Jesus by yourself. You MUST be connected to his Body. To dismiss his church is to reject his Bride & Family.

If u see anyone bleeding, u don’t ask “Are u a Believer? Muslim? Atheist? Gay? Illegal? U just HELP them, like Jesus did!

If people always agree with what u say, you’re only talking to your kind. God’s Kingdom is far larger than our little groups.

Always being in the spotlight blinds u. The conf. speaking circuit feeds their ego. CURE: Stay home, mow the lawn, and change diapers

A sermon quickly reveals if a pastor gave time listening to his people that week or just filled his head with commentaries.

Great sermons are forged by LISTENING, not talking. Listen to God’s heart, God’s word & People’s hearts – then connect them.

If we have the talent for a larger ministry but lack the maturity to handle it,God wisely holds us back until we’re ready.

Leaders: Occasionally u must stir the pot or critics will have nothing to rant about & their lives will lack meaning & purpose

Anything that costs your integrity is too expensive. You can’t afford it.

The more self-centered I am, the more unhappy I am. The more God-centered I am, the more I joyful I am.

Healthy churches grow larger & smaller at the same time. Larger in worship, smaller thru groups.

Growth requires UNSELFISH members who share their pew, pastor & parking, caring more about the lost than their own comfort.

Preaching is moving people from where they are to where God wants them, from what they want to what they really need.

A biblical church must DO right, not just believe right. God’s story of his church is the Book of ACTS, not book of beliefs!

Leaders who laugh, LAST! It flushes stress from your soul.You’ll have plenty of material if u laugh at yourself & troubles.

Anything can become an act of worship if we recognize God presence and rely on his power while doing it.

Everything you do today can be “spending time with God” if you TALK to him WHILE doing it & TRUST him to HELP you do it.

It’s better to be hated for your courage than loved for following the crowd.”Dont follow the crowd in doing wrong” Ex.23:2

Resting in the Lord is not laziness; it’s an act of faith.

To bring out the best in staff & volunteers: Give them a challenge. Give them control. Give them the credit.

An unhealthy climate on a church staff is likely caused by being afraid to say the last 10%of difficult truth to each other

Some think u discover your ministry by identifying your gifts- but actually u discover your gifts by serving in ministry.

If u cant-or are afraid to-challenge others by YOUR example ur NOT a leader! 1 Cor11:1,4:16, 1Th1:6,2:14, Ph3:17, 2Th3:9

It’s the broken wagon wheel that squeaks.Complaining & criticizing just publicizes our brokenness & immaturity to others.

If you spent as much as time praying as you do complaining, you’d have a lot less to complain about.

“Do everything cheerfully without complaining.. be a breath of fresh air in this polluted society” Phil.2:14-15 Mes

A cranky, critical, combative Christian is a terrible witness to our gracious God. “ABOVE ALL, love each other deeply” 1Pet4:8

God’s call to ministry includes His timing too.There’s always a delay in the desert (Gal 1:17) while God prepares you,.


A Day of Reckoning

Last Saturday, MSU began to get some attention. Beating Memphis 49-7 w/ 569 yards of offense has people talking about MSU around the country. The Experts on ESPNU today talked about Tyler Russell having the best opening game for a freshman QB in the SEC in a long time. Paul Finebaum said that he believes Boise St. would lose if they came to Starkville this season, when asked on ESPN, “How would Boise St. do in the SEC?” Not sure if that was a compliment for State or a slap in the face for Boise St. Pat Dye says Thursday’s game in Starkville is Auburn’s toughest game in the first half of their season.

However, none of this means anything if State does not perform on the field Thursday night. MSU fans have been waiting for this moment for years. Mullen has his team believing. Could this be the moment the big boys of the SEC begin to pay attention to the State College in Starkville they’ve thought of as a little step child for so many years? Mullen has repeatedly stated the importance of this game not only to his football team, but to the university and the community as a whole. We want to put on a show and prove that Mississippi State football is ready to compete in the SEC west.

Auburn won their opening game over Arkansas State last week 52-26 but failed to cover as 31.5-point home favorites in college football odds. QB Cam Newton was sensational with 186 yards passing and 3 TD’s along with 171 yards rushing and 2 TD’s. It was the best rushing total in history for an Auburn QB. But w/ the way we contained Tim Tebow last season, I expect us to have a good game plan on defense.

Defense remains a concern for Auburn after allowing 366 yards to a Sun Belt team. Last year Auburn clobbered the Bulldogs 49-24. And MSU is ready for payback. All these issues lead to a potential Barn Burner in Starkville. I expect the atmosphere to be more electric than the Boise St./Virginia Tech game.


Some thoughts from Pernell McPheenom on playing Auby: