At Summer’s End

What a jam packed summer the Davis family has had. For ministers, summer is always busier than the rest of the year. Here’s a list of activities we’ve embarked so far this summer: 16 day trip to South Africa for the World Cup (Me); Little Dawgs Football Camp (Connor); Camp of the Rising Son (Connor, Jennifer, & Anna); Vacation Bible School among many other church activities; Centrifuge Youth Camp (Me & Jennifer); and we have MSU soccer camp and a trip to Gulf Shores left to do.

Needless to say, I’m ready for school to start back so I can get back into a routine. I’m sure Jennifer and the kids feel the same about school starting back. School starting back signifies some things: I can manage my time better, put more effort into helping others grow in Christ, and get ready for some MSU football.

Sorry to those who periodically check the blog. I’ll try and post more regularly now that the busy summer is almost over.

Check out the new Respect the Cowbell video: