The King of SWAT

The NCAA Career Record Breaking Blocked Shot

Jarvis Varnado did it. He broke the NCAA shot block record last night with 8 blocks in a win over Alabama. Barry Stewart also set the career 3 point shot record for MSU.

Barry Stewart, Jarvis Varnado, & Bully

Congratulations to Jarvis and Barry. Now go finish this season well and get to the big dance.


What to think of Colonel Reb?

Colonel Reb

This is probably the only time you’ll see me put a picture of Colonel Reb on this blog. But, the Ole Miss Rebels are in danger of losing their mascot. They’ve already lost the Confederate flag, the song “From Dixie with Love” and the chant “The South Will Rise Again.” This whole thing is a sad commentary on the poor historical education of our culture. And I feel for Ole Miss at this point on the subject. The basic questions are: How can a Confederate Colonel (or anything associated with the Civil War and the South) be offensive to an African-American? Yes, Slavery is and was wrong. Many today say, “Well that stuff happened years ago and it affects no one living today.” I disagree. Most of that bad stuff that happened years ago was not caused by every white male living in the South.

There are many misconceptions as to what caused and fueled the American Civil War. Slavery was indeed the primary issue. However, less than 20% of the Southern population owned African Americans. It was a major investment to own an African American especially if they possessed valuable skills such as blacksmithing, carpentry, or farming skills. Certainly owning a black man or woman, was a prestigious classification, but very few Southerners and even Northerners, fit in this category of wealth. Thus, the stories that have been perpetuated throughout history of all slave owners beating their “slaves” is quite inaccurate. It is a myth that the media of that time stimulated to build a case to send the North and South to war. In addition, politicians, many of them wealthy and slave-owners, were used as the example or model for the Southern population, when in fact the average Southerner lived day to day and could not afford to purchase another human being for $500-$1,500 . In addition, while many people have been taught that Southerners were the only ones who did not like African Americans in the United States, Northern sentiment was equally if not more harsh toward African Americans. Blacks were beaten and even killed in city streets of New York City, New York, toward dissolvement in the mid to late 1800’s, but it was the American Civil War which sped up the abolishment.

Why the South went to War

We definitely need to rediscover as a culture the true happenings of generations past, rather than what a book (w/ no accurate footnotes or documentation) or some college professor (who’s been brainwashed by inaccurate books and misinformed institutions) tells you to believe. Every person is personally responsible for what you believe. Don’t believe this post, any speech, book, or sermon without knowing the true source of the content contained in what is presented.

Today many criticize our founding fathers with talk of them owning slaves. Most can’t name more than 4 or 5 of the Founding fathers names. For instance 29 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were orthodox Christian ministers. Slavery was introduced to America 200 years before our country was formed by merchants of the slave trade from another land. After the Declaration of Independence, all the colonies fought for the abolition of slavery with the exception of South Carolina and Georgia. The Founding Fathers on Slavery

In my opinion, Black History month is not concentrating on the greatest things about black history. Almost 25% of the soldiers in the Revolutionary War were Black. Not only did Paul Revere sound the call, “The British are Coming! The British are Coming!” but so did Black Revolutionary Patriot, Wentworth Cheswell. Why does our culture celebrate inaccuracies in black history, when there are much more great black history stories that we’ve never been taught?

Wentworth Cheswell Memorial

Spring = Baseball & Football Practice

MSU won it’s first 3 games of the baseball season in a sweep of the Rhode Island Rams. Our family thoroughly enjoyed watching our Bulldogs win 9-0 at Saturday’s game. Our 3 freshmen pitchers looked great. I truly think the baseball team is much improved this year and will NOT finish last in the SEC West.

Freshman pitcher, Chris Stratton from Tupelo

Today, MSU released the practice times for Spring football. Also, only Bulldog Club members and Students will be allowed to attend the practices. It’s really funny to me how the media is getting all up in the air because they can’t go to the practices without being a member of the Bulldog Club. As a Bulldog Club member, I think it’s a great idea. It’s a deserved privilege for fans that are committed with their pocket books. It’s better than having closed practices as the previous coach did. It encourages more to to join the Bulldog Club. It may help prevent spies from our opponents to show up at the practices. Super Bulldog Weekend is April 16-18. The Maroon/White game will be at 5:00 p.m. on the 17th and everyone is invited to that game. We’re planning on tailgating that day before going to the baseball game and the football game. Below is a video of Coach Mullen talking to the Mobile, Alabama Alumni Association last month:  

Also, I’ve not liked when our football and basketball teams wore black because we lost those games to Alabama and Kentucky. But, they really looked sharp in a win over Rhode Island on Sunday. You just can’t beat any jersey that has the traditional M & S on it.

First Baseman, Connor Powers

I really like the new logo on the right arm sleeve as well:

Catcher, Wes Thigpen

Here’s a link to a story that thinks Anthony Dixon could be a 2nd round pick for the Seattle Seahawks. We know how good he is. I think San Diego could be looking at him as well with Tomlinson leaving.

Anthony Dixon "Boobie"