Called to Play for the Saints

More Than Football

How many football players over the years have considered being signed by or traded to the Saints, the worse thing that’s ever happened to them? Drew Brees believes that God has called him to New Orleans and playing for the Saints is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Now Drew has the greatest platform in our country as QB of a Super Bowl team. Like Curt Warner, Tyson Lee, and Tim Tebow, he’s not afraid to declare his faith in God. Sorry Peyton, but I’m gonna be pulling for Drew and the Saints. Below is Drew’s testimony as told on Sharing the Victory Magazine.

Tim's a Roman Soldier at Church Play

Since we’re talking about the Super Bowl, let’s talk about a TV ad that’s already getting some attention as well. Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, will be in a commercial sponsored by Focus on the Family. In the commercial Tim’s mom explains how the doctors advised her to consider having an abortion when she was pregnant with Tim. Thank God, she didn’t take their advice. Many pro-choice groups are protesting the ad and trying to get CBS to cancel it. Here’s a link to the story: Baptist Press Article: Tebow Super Bowl ad Generating Much Buzz

Also, check out Tim Tebow’s date for the College Football Awards back in December. I must say, he’s a classy guy:


“There’s a lot of excitement around this place.”

I don’t think anyone can disagree with what Chris Wilson (new Defensive Line coach and Co-Defensive Coordinator at MSU) said about the excitement at MSU. We’ve landed two of the best defensive coaches in the country, if not the best two defensive coaches. Our offense set all kinds of records last year at MSU. More records will be set this year. And now we can look for our defense to improve and be as aggressive as it was in the mid 90s. Here’s 3 videos from this weekend that introduced our 2 new defensive coaches (Manny Diaz and Chris Wilson) to MSU:

Following Jesus

Over the past month, God’s really been teaching me about what it truly means to follow him. It’s a very simple concept, but not by any means easy. The call to follow Jesus is the greatest call He offers. Evangelical Christians have been valiant in proclaiming the message of the need for salvation. As a result, many have made decisions and been baptized. But I feel we’ve offered a “cheap grace,” grace without discipleship. Instead our message needs to clearly present the cost of following Jesus. It is costly because it costs a man his life, and it is grace because it gives a man the only true life. Salvation is God’s call for us to die. A call to put the old man to death. A call to live in Christ and Christ alone.

As Christians in America begin to face more suffering and rejection, we will see more that truly follow Jesus. Many that have made decisions and prayed prayers just to have fire insurance, probably will be ashamed to continue a stand for Christ when true persecution attacks the church. It is very encouraging to see that there are Christians that understand what it means to follow Christ, be a disciple, and make disciples. Investing in peoples lives individually is what Christ did, and what we should be doing. If you’re not investing in someone to help them become a disciple maker, don’t put it off any longer. Answer the call, the call to follow and train others how to follow.