Stolen vehicle, Meridian mascot suit found

Walley the Wildcat

Walley the Wildcat

When the Meridian Wildcats traveled to Natchez to notch their fifth straight victory this season the Wildcat mascot was able to go along.

Last week the chances of the mascot making the trip seemed remote as on Wednesday the 2001 Chevy Tahoe in which the uniform was kept inside was stolen from the parking lot at Bonita Lakes Mall. But on Friday the costume, estimated to cost more than $1,000, was returned to the school in time for the mascot to make the trip. The vehicle, though, wouldn’t be found until two days later.

Meridian Police Department Capt. James Sharpe, commander of the department’s Criminal Investigative Division, said Monday afternoon the SUV was recovered Sunday in the 2700 block of 32nd Avenue. He said the vehicle was in good shape. He said detectives believe the Tahoe had been abandoned at the location shortly after reports of the vehicle theft and the costume inside were made by local media outlets.

“I’d almost bet you the person or persons who stole this vehicle figured very quickly the SUV was too hot to handle,” said Sharpe. “They thought it best to just drop it off somewhere and go on their way.”

Sharpe said detectives found leaves and spider webs on and inside the car suggesting it had been sitting at its location for quite some time. Some loose items were allegedly stolen from inside the SUV but otherwise it was undamaged.

“We are still investigating the incident and trying to track down the perpetrators,” Sharpe said. “The vehicle has been returned to its rightful owner.”

Clarion-Ledger Story


Almost, Not Quite

Dixons run on 2nd down. (Looks like a TD)

Dixon's run on 2nd down. (Looks like a TD)

There’s been a lot of criticism on other blogs of the last 2 calls at the goal line. Yes, Mullen is a young Head Coach and still learning. Yes, our team is young and learning. Yes, Croom would have given it to Dixon 4 times in a row (and so would I). But the difference is, with Croom our team would have given up before the end of the first half. We would have never been in a position to win the game. We are getting better every week. We will find a way to get an upset or two. Get mad about how it ended today, then put it behind you.

Lee pushing to get in the end zone

Lee pushing to get in the end zone

Old People Can Have Fun Too

I have to just acknowledge the guts of the Minister of Music at this church. With all the fuss over traditional vs. contemporary music in the church, this Senior Adult Choir has chosen to have fun with music. I think it was for a comedy talent show. I have to admit, there are some theological issues with what they did. Church ought to be fun. I’m not advocating singing this music for worship. But I can guarantee this experience helped bring this choir closer together and connect them with young people. This was so funny, I just had to post it so I could watch it when I’m feeling blue.

Dealing w/ Another Losing Streak

LSU has won 16 of the last 17 meetings.

LSU has won 16 of the last 17 meetings.

LSU has had our number since the early 90s the same way Bama had our number in the 70s & 80s. Last year we ended a losing streak w/ Arkansas. It’s time for this streak to end. Regardless of the records and rankings, this streak has to be stopped. Another win for LSU this year and I may begin to dislike them as much as Bama & Ole Miss.

I don’t know who has come up with the ideas for the game, but I like them. Saturday is a “White Out” in Starkville. This is a good thing. I got a away MSU jersey over the summer with Anthony Dixon’s number (24) and can’t wait to wear it Saturday. LSU & Georgia Tech (who we play next week) are the only two college teams in the nation that choose to wear white for their home games. So, with our stadium filled in white and our team wearing white, LSU will be forced to wear their rare purple uniform. And this is looked at as bad luck by the superstitious voodoo tiger fans.

Also, LSU has the scariest record for night games in the country. Tiger Stadium is known for night games, an idea that was first introduced in 1931 against Spring Hill (a 35-0 LSU victory). In 2006, LSU celebrated its 75th year of playing night football in Tiger Stadium. LSU has played the majority of its games at night and the Tigers have fared much better under the lights than during the day. Since 1960, LSU is 201–59–3 (.773) at night in Tiger Stadium compared to a 20–22–3 (.476) record during the day over that span. Currently, LSU has not lost a Saturday night game (officially a game that kicks off after the sun goes down) in Death Valley since the 2002 season and has not lost a night game since 2005 vs. Tennessee. So, to whoever made sure this game was a 11:21 a.m. game time:  “WE THANK YOU!!!”

Maybe, we’ll have the cajuns worried enough and sober enough that early in the morning to sneak out a surprise upset. We tried making them wear purple 2 years ago, but failed to have the game played in the day time. Ultimately, our boys will have to out play LSU.

Hopefully, Zach Smith & the defense will be ready to get revenge for the whipping they gave us and this little incident a couple of years ago:

9/11 Effects on MSU Football


Famous Maroon Band Patriotic Half-Time Show

Famous Maroon Band Patriotic Half-Time Show

On September 20, 2001, No. 18 South Carolina and No. 17 Mississippi State re-introduced football to the nation on a Thursday night after a break because of the terrorist’s attacks on 9/11. Bigger questions than X’s and O’x loomed that night for the country and Mississippi State football. For this SEC opening matchup, many of us knew the difficulties Coach Jackie Sherrill was facing in his family. He recently had to help make the family decision to take his brother off of life support; His wife was fighting breast cancer; and he had just learned that his son would be making his way soon to Iraq to fight the war on terror. Needless to say, football was not and in no way should have been a priority in his life. Those events, I believe helped to bring our program to the point it was when Croom came aboard. In no way am I blaming 9/11 for the demise of our team. But it definitely caused our head coach to focus on things that were more important in his personal life at the time.


9/11 dealt so many blows to our world. Even our bulldogs have not been the same since. As I remember 9/11 today and where I was, one of my hopes is that MSU can get back to the competitive level we were at before 9/11. Now we have a coach with the energy needed to get us back into the SEC mix. Tomorrow’s game vs. Auby could be the beginning of putting behind the horrors of the last 9 years. And not that we won’t still be a good team if we lose tomorrow. But it would be huge to win the first SEC game of the season.

Bittersweet Moment


Champ (Bully XX) and Father, Tonka (Bully XIX)

Champ (Bully XX) and Father, Tonka (Bully XIX)

With a transfer of leather harnesses, Saturday we witnessed the retiring of Tonka and the introduction of Champ. Tonka has a special place in our family’s heart. Both of our children have had pics made with Tonka over the past few years. Tonka served MSU for eight years, which is a very long time for a Bully. Unlike the UGA for the Georgia Bulldogs, our Bully is allowed to mix and mingle with people. Bulldogs only remain calm and safe to keep around people for a short span of their life, then they become irritable and more likely to bite someone (or an Auburn player running out of bounds). That’s one reason why MSU is on #20 and Georgia is on #6 still. The other reason is that MSU officially started the tradition of a live bulldog mascot in 1935. Georgia’s first UGA began in 1956.

Tonka, we’re gonna miss ya. You’ve been faithful through some tough years. Champ, we hope your name is an omen of things to come.

MSU Article about Tonka and Champ

I think we have one of the best mascots in the country. I’d put Bully up against the Buffalo in Colorado and Bevo in Texas. How do you rank the live mascots?


Connor and Anna w/ Tonka

Connor and Anna w/ Tonka